Faith 1.04 Instincts

Previously on Faith the Vampire Hunter

Faith: “How did you find me? What do you want?”

Robin: “I want you Faith. There is a small group of girls with Slayer powers. They’re on the wrong path, Faith. Only you can stop them. There’re three of them.”


Robin: “Maybe we should call for some support. Do you have anyone in mind?”

Faith: “How ‘bout Vi?”


Danny: ““I’m Danny, your interpreter.”


Robin: “Faith, this is Frank van Anchor. He is…”

Anchor interrupts: “I was… friends with Bernard Crowley.”

Robin explains: “The watcher who raised me after my mother’s death.”

Rave: “We call him Core, because of his name and because he’s the brains and the heart of our ‘organization’. I am Raphaela, but everyone calls me Rave. I do all the online research and computer stuff.”


Faith: “Oh, look, it’s the Charmed sisters.”

Christina: “Who are you?”

Faith: “I can tell you who you are, where your power comes from, what your destiny is. Listen! In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. You are chosen. Chosen to fight against evil. Not to cause destruction and pain.”


Fight scenes

Lydia starts the engine. Alena runs away from Vi and jumps in the car. Lydia hits the gas and they escape.

“Lydia!!!” Rave yells. Their eyes meet for a last time, before the car drives away.

Faith takes a deep breath, then she looks at Rave and says:

Faith: “Why did she call you her sister?”

Credits and theme

In a training room at Core’s

Vi is sitting on a sports pad with candles and joss sticks around her. She’s meditating with her eyes closed. Faith is at the other side of the room beating the crap out of a punching bag. She still has a few scratches on her face. You can see that something is on her mind and she’s trying to fight it off. Robin enters.

“Rave just arrived. We meet upstairs.”

“Be right there,” Vi says and opens her eyes.

“Faith?” Robin asks.

She keeps hitting the bag and ignores him.

“Faith…?” Robin repeats, “hey, Faith!”

She turns her head: “What?”

“’re you coming?”

She hits the bag with a last punch that makes you pity the poor bag. Then she grabs a towel.


Rave is sitting with Robin next to the table at the window. Danny is on the sofa und Core’s behind his desk as usual. Rave has a few dried tears on her face. The door opens and Vi enters the room. She’s about to close the door as Faith blocks it with her hand to get in.

Faith asks angrily: “Now let’s solve the mystery. What’s goin’ on? What is this crap all about?”

Vi sits down next to Danny.

“You have every right to be mad,” Core says, “but…”

“Damn right, I have.”

Core: “Please. Let me explain.” He takes a deep breath. “I knew Lydia was a potential. I was watching after her without ever talking to her, waiting for her to be called. Now, that spell came really surprising. I heard stories about Slayers elsewhere so I didn’t realize Lydia had become one of them too. Until I heard of the spell. But then, it was already too late.”

“That’s one little piece of the puzzle,” Faith says and sits down. “Still some missing.”

“I turned to Rave, hoping Lydia would listen to her sister. She didn’t. Since then we have been working together.”

Rave: “It’s easy for me to get information because she still keeps in touch with me. She wants me to help her.”

“Now that’s interesting. Why didn’t you tell me in the beginning?” Faith wants to know.

Danny: “We were afraid you wouldn’t understand. And we were not sure what side you’re really on. I mean, from all we had heard about you past.”

“You know nothing about my PAST!” Faith yells.

Vi: “Hey! That’s enough.” She stands up and turns to Danny and Core. “Listen to me. Faith might have made some wrong decisions in her past. But that’s not who she is anymore. And aside from that her heart is true.” She sits down again. “I mean, look at her. She was not called by a general spell. She was chosen, chosen for a reason. Not to mention that she’s the most capable fighter I’ve ever met. Don’t you doubt her motives! Don’t you have doubts about her!”

Suddenly everyone is silent.

After a small pause for thinking Danny turns to Faith and says: “I’m sorry… You know I love you.”

Robin: “Now, speaking of capable fighters, what’s with the girl who beat them up?”

Rave: “That’s Alena. My sister told me she used to be some teenage martial arts champion.”

Faith: “It might had been useful if I had known that earlier.”

“Sorry, slipped my mind I guess,” Rave says guiltily.

“She does that all the time,” Danny mumbles. “My birthday for example, if I counted the dates that she remembered my birthday I’d be like six years younger.”

“Damn, that was last week, right?” Rave asks.

Vi: “And the brunette?”

“Christina, I have no idea where she comes from,” Core adds.

“How did they meet?” Robin asks.

“I can’t quite tell. All I know is that six months ago they didn’t even know each other,” Rave explains.

Core: “Something brought them together.”

Robin: “Or someone…”

At the girls hideout

It’s an empty warehouse. Stolen stuff is lying all around. The car they stole is standing in the background. Lydia and Tina are sitting on an expensive looking couch respectively in an armchair. Alena is walking up and down, thinking about what happened. Suddenly she punches against something.

Conversation translated into English to save the audience from reading subtitles all the time:

“What the devil was that?”

Lydia: “I have no idea.”

Tina: “To me it looked like to fighter chicks beating us up.”

Alena: “Beating you up. But I mean, who was that? What was her freaking problem?”

“I guess she didn’t like us stealing cars, like everyone else,” Tina replies.

“No there was something else,” Lydia says. “She said she had answers; she spoke of chosen ones and destiny.”

“She talked about vampires and demons. How nuts is that?”

“You mean nuts like waking up one morning with the strength to lift a car?” Tina returns.

Lydia: “I’m telling you, something is going way wrong here.”

“Shut up for a second,” Alena says, “I need to think.” She makes a pause. “We have to find out something about those girls. Where they come from, who they are and so on. Can you use your sister for that?”

“Perhaps, I’ve gotta try.”

“Until then, we must not draw attention.”

Back at Core’s

Faith calls for Danny. He comes down the stairs; Vi is standing upstairs at the banister.

“What’s up?”

Faith: “Listen D., you’re the local here, right?”

“Yep. The local local, trained in the local vocal.”

“Do you have any vampires here? Please tell me you do.”

“What are you going to do?” Vi asks.

“Hunt, slay, blow off some steam.”

Danny: “Let me see. Vampires are those guys with the pointy teeth, the ugly grin and the sunburn problem? Yesssss, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find some vampires at at least one of the grave yards.”

“Tell me how to get there.”

Danny: “I’ve got a better solution. I’ll take you there. I’ve always wanted to see a real vampire hunt.”

At a cemetery

Faith is wandering between the crypts while Danny sneaks from tombstone to tombstone.

Faith: “Where are the vampires? Darn it! D. how do I say ‘I’m a helpless victim’ in German?”

Danny: “Ich bin ein hilfloses Opfer.”

She repeats: “Ich bin ein hilfloses Opfer.”

“Perfect pronunciation,” Danny compliments.

She keeps walking and shouts: “Hallo! Vampir? Ich bin ein hilfloses Opfer!“

She repeats the sentence a few times until suddenly a hand grabs her shoulder and pushes her against the wall of a crypt. As she turns around she sees a vampire. She smiles at him. “Hi!” Then she hits him directly in the face. He stumbles a few steps back, shakes his head, wipes his eyes and says thunderstruck:

“Von wegen, hilfloses Opfer. Was zur Hölle?”

Subtitle: You must be joking, helpless victim. What the hell?

He looks at Faith and she smiles back at him.

“D. tell him I’m a vampire slayer.”

Danny stands up and says to the vampire: “Sie is’ ‘ne Vampirjägerin.”

“Verdammt, was is’ ‘ne Vampirjägerin?”

Subtitle: Damnit, what’s a vampire slayer?

He looks puzzled. Faith pulls a stake.

Vampire: “Ah, shit!”

Then he jumps to attack her. They fight for a while until a punch hits her stomach. The vampire grabs her arm, turns it behind her back opens his mouth and is about to bite her.

Danny screams: “Faith, no!!!”

Faith knocks her head back, which forces the vampire to release her.

“Don’t worry,” she says calmly. Then she hits the vampire with a flip kick what pushes him with his back against a crypt. “I was just playing with him.”

“You were?” Danny asks.

“You were?” the vampire repeats with a goofy expression on his face.

Faith looks at him, nods, gives him a last smile, and then her stake spears his heart and starts burning him to dust.

“Cooooool,” Danny says amazed.

“Ah, much better,” relaxes Faith.

She grabs Danny and with a grin she starts patrolling again: “Hallo! Vampir? Ich bin ein hilfloses Opfer!“

The next morning at the HQ

Danny and Faith are sitting at the sofa, Robin chose an armchair.

Robin: “So what were you guys doing all night?”

“We were out hunting vampires,” Danny answers.

“How many did you find?”

“Two or three…” Faith says.

“Really?” Danny asks, “to me it looked more like ten or twelve.”

Faith: “Pfff… who’s countin’? The best thing was, they didn’t even know what a slayer is.”

Danny: “How would they? They had never met one before.”

“And they’re never gonna meet one again,” Faith laughs.

“I hope we can do that again some time. I love to watch you fight them, to see the fire in your eyes, the smell of ash in the morning and I like your cynical comments right before or after you stake them.” He alters his voice: “Hasta la vista, vampire! *fuzz* dust… So cool.”

Robin: “Seems like you have a fan here.”

Rave enters and throws a bag on the table. She’s chewing something.

“Breakfast, grab what you want. First come, first served.”

Robin inspects the bag, takes something and hands the bag over to Faith. Vi enters the room.

“Good morning.”

Faith: “Morning, sleepyhead.”

“Sleepyhead? I could hardly sleep because two people were chatting about a vampire hunt all night and afterwards they discussed the best places to party.”

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you up,” Danny says.

Vi: “It’s ok. Listen, Faith. After I heard you talking about how much you enjoy hunting and slaying I started thinking.”

Faith: “About what?”

“About slaying, about slayers, about what’s our purpose, about what’s our nature.”

“What do you mean,” Robin asks.

“Well, Faith really enjoys a good slaying. And I can’t deny that there’s something inside me that feels good about it, too. Something in me calls for me to go and hunt demons and vampires,” Vi explains.

Danny: “Do you mean something like a slayer instinct?”

Vi: “Something like that, yes.”

Faith: “What’s your point?”

“Oh, I get it,” Robin says, “if we could make the renegades fight some vampires…”

Rave: “…they might see their destiny.”

Vi: “Exactly.”

“Vi, that is a brilliant idea!” Faith states.

Rave: “With a single problem. How exactly do we make them fight vampires?”

“How many vampires do you think we need? I guess a single one won’t do,” Robin adds.

Faith: “Puh, I think like… 20?”

“Where do we get 20 vampires from?” Rave asks terrified.

“We could ask a vampire to sire some…,” Danny replies. He reflects for a fraction of a second then he says: “Damn… That was like the dumbest thing I’ve ever said.”

Robin: “We would need like a clan or…”

“…an order,” Vi interrupts.

Faith: “The one you were smoking out in Edinburgh? I thought you had taken care of them?”

“No, I couldn’t. I just stopped them from doing some creepy rituals and fulfilling prophecies.”

Danny: “So what are we gonna do?”

Vi: “They were worshipping this Chalice of Thamuz thing. I bet if someone stole it from them they’d do just about anything to get it back.”

“Then we need somebody to get it,” Rave says.

“No easy task,” Vi explains.

Robin: “I’m going to do it.”

Faith: “That’s a job for a slayer. You can’t…”

Robin: “Don’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing. You stay here and stop the renegades from hurting anybody.”

Core entered minutes ago and listened to the conversation but nobody was paying attention to him, so they now all act kind of surprised as he says something.

Core: “I have some contacts in Britain. I’ll make sure they know you’re coming.”

“Now all we’ve gotta do is find out where the hideout of the three musketeers is,” Faith says.

“Ok, I’ll get to grips with that,” Rave returns.

5 days later at the warehouse

Tina: “Alena, ich bin es leid hier rumzuhängen. Lass uns mal wieder was machen.“

Subtitle: Alena, I’m tired of hanging around here. Let’s go and do something.

Alena: “Ja, ich glaube du hast Recht. Los, stellen wir was an.“

Subtitle: Yes, I think you’re right. Let’s get up to something.

Faith, Vi and Danny enter from the roof. They go to a walkway beneath the roof and look down.

Faith: “Oh, look, we found them. Huey, Dewey and Louie.”

The three slayers look up.

“Tick, Trick und Track,” Danny says.

“What?” Faith says puzzled and looks at Danny.

“Tick, Trick und Track. Huey, Dewey and Louie. Uncle Donald’s nephews. That’s what they call them in Germany,” Danny explains.

Faith: “Why?”

Danny: “Why why? I don’t know why.”

Vi: “I find it cute.”

Faith: “What?”

Vi: “Tick, Trick and Track.”

Faith: “Why, Vi?”

Danny: “Why why again?”

Faith: “Not why why, why Vi?”

Danny: “Why why why why? I’m confused…”

Alena interrupts them: “Hallo? Focus! What the hell are you doing here?”

Lydia: “Yeah, how the hell did you find us?”

Alena looks angrily at Lydia because she knows where the info came from.

Lydia: “I mean, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I got you something,” Faith says, “let’s say it’s a little present.”

Vi opens a backpack and takes out the Chalice of Thamuz. She hands it to Faith and Faith throws it down to Tina who catches it.

“What is this?” Tina asks.

“That? That’s the Chalice of Thamuz,” Vi explains.

“What are we supposed to do with that?” Lydia wants to know.

Faith: “Keep it, protect it with your life.”

Alena: “What?”

Suddenly there’s a loud noise. The gate of the warehouse blows open. There’s a large group of vampires in fancy medieval order battle outfits. They have Robin with them, he’s badly beaten up. The leader vampire sees Tina holding the chalice.

Leader vampire: “There it is, the chalice. He didn’t lie.”

Alenais getting really mad: “And who the bloody hell are you?”

Leader vampire: “That is my chalice. Give me back my chalice.”

“I’m giving you nothing,” Alena says. “Get the hell out of my place, all of you, or I’ll kick each and every single one of your ugly asses back to where they came from.”

The vampires put on their vampire faces.

Conversation during the battle translated into English to save the audience from reading subtitles all the time:

Tina: “What is going on?”

Leader vampire: “Get them! Get me my chalice!”

The vampires start attacking. Some stay with Robin. Alena fights off the first three that come close to her. Lydia and Tina join the fight.

Faith: “Let’s go get Robin.”

Faith, Vi and Danny sneak downstairs.

Lydia: “Ouch, these guys are strong.”

Tina: “And ugly.”

Faith and Vi start fighting the vampires that keep Robin. Lydia watches as Vi and Faith stake some of them.

“Did you just see that?” she asks.

Alena: “See what?”

Lydia: “They just turned to dust.”

Tina: “Turned to dust? You mean like vampires.”


Faith and Vi finish some more vamps then they tell Danny to get Robin out of there.

“I don’t believe in vampires,” Alena says.

Vampire: “Then you better start, because we are real.”

“Oh yeah?” She returns and then hits him with a hard punch.

Tina: “So what do we know about vampires? How can we kill them?”

Lydia refelcts: “Stake through the heart, holy water, sun light, uuhmm… garlic.”

Tina adds: “Fire.”

Alena: “Great, we don’t have anything of that.”

“HEY!” Faith shouts.

They turn their heads towards her.

She throws her stake to Alena and Vi hers to Lydia. They stake their first vampire immediately.

“Works fine,” Lydia says.

“Silver!” Tina yells and takes of her necklace. She wrestles with a vampire, she wraps the necklace around his neck and decapitates him. He burns to dust.

“Look! Silver decapitates them!” Tina says amazed.

Faith and Vi check the fight scene for a last time.

“They’re gonna make it,” Faith says. Then they leave.

After a while only two vampires and their leader are left. The leader raises his hand. He holds the chalice.

“The chalice! Mine it is, and mine it stays.”

They vampires turn and start walking. The girls just watch them walk away. They are covered in dust. Most of their stuff is broken and they still can’t believe what they just saw.

“Well, you wanted some action tonight,” Alena says.

Outside the warehouse

The three vampires turn the corner. Suddenly an arrow hits the heart of the leader vampire. He has just enough time for a last stupid look on his face, then he ashes and the chalice falls to the ground. The two others want to pick it up.

“Forget about it,” Vi says, she carries a crossbow. “That chalice belongs to me.”

The vampires run off.

… to be continued …