Faith 1.03 Business Trip

Previously on Faith the Vampire Hunter:

A vampire turns to dust.

Faith: “Watch out creatures of the night. Things are going to change.”


Phone voice: “We have a problem. We need your help.”

Robin: “My help? About what?”

Phone Voice: “Faith.”


Faith: “How did you find me? What do you want?”

Robin: “I want you Faith. There is a small group of girls with Slayer powers. They’re on the wrong path, Faith. Only you can stop them.”


Daniel: “They struck again. What are we gonna do?”

Voice: “Support, that’s what watchers do.”

Daniel: “How can we trust her? From all I’ve heard she used to be a hurricane of evil deeds, not to forget that she killed humans.”

Voice: “You need to have faith, Daniel.”


Robin: “There’re three of them. They’re causing mayhem, taking what they want, robbing banks, hurting people and god knows what they’ll do next.”

Credits and theme

Faith’s room

The room is small, not nice to look at and Faith’s stuff is lying everywhere. The window shades are broken and the door appears to have been kicked in more than once. The bed seems to be the only ok thing in the room.

Faith wakes up. Robin lies next to her. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. Robin wakes up. He hears Faith in the bathroom.

“What time is it?”

Faith comes back.

“About 10.30,” she replies.

“Really? How could we sleep that long.”

“’cause we didn’t sleep all night, remember?”

Faith gets dressed.

“Right…” Robin sits up and steps with his foot into something icky. “Uhiulll… Faith, why are living in a place like this.”

“’cause I can’t charge money for slaying. And my list of sponsors isn’t that long. Besides, the TV here has more than five channels.”

Robin gets up: “Yeah, but…”

She dodges the topic: “So, when’s our flight?”

“3.15 p.m.” He puts on his shirt.

“Then we better grab some food and pack our bags. We have a 10 hour flight ahead.”

They finish dressing and leave.

Back in Europe

Daniel enters the room.

“Nothing new from the demolition squad,” he says. Then he sits down at the sofa.

“I have good news. They are on their way,” says the voice from the desk.

“Finally,” he smiles, “When will they arrive?”

“Tonight. I want you to pick them up at the airport and bring them here. Give each of them a room downstairs. Tell them to rest. We will start dealing with our problem early tomorrow.”

Daniel: “Okay.” He nods. “You want me to inform Rave?”

“Yes. She is part of this, too. And while you and Faith will tackle the problem tomorrow she’ll have to pick up Vi at the airport.”

“Vi? Who’s that?”

“She’s one of the potentials who were called by the spell to fight at the battle in Sunnydale. Faith requested her help, what I consider to be only logical, since we’re facing three slayers here,” explains the voice. He still remains unseen.

Daniel gets up and walks to the door.

“Alright then. I’ll get things going. Somehow I’m excited.”

Daniel leaves the room.

Voice: “Excited? Well, let us hope for the best. Fighting is not the solution that we are looking for.”

At the airport in Munich

Faith and Robin get through customs. Robin is pulling a suitcase and Faith is carrying a sports bag.

“How did you get the stake on the plane?” Robin asks.

“Metal detectors don’t detect wood, you know. And since they didn’t have no wood detectors…”

“And why exactly did you bring it onboard? I mean, what, were you afraid of a vampire hijacking our plane?”

“Hey, I’ve seen some pretty creepy things in my life. Besides, better have one and not need it than need one and not have it. Ever tried to find something wooden on an airplane?” Faith says.

Robin sees Daniel standing in the crowd holding a sign that says ‘Robin Wood’.

Robin: “Look, there’s a Wood detector.” He grins.

Faith looks at Daniel.

“Wow, look who had a clown for breakfast,” Faith teases.

They walk to Daniel.

“Hi, I’m Robin Wood.”

Robin and Daniel shake hands.

“I’m Danny, your interpreter. Nice to meet you. So, you are Robin and then you are…” he sees Faith for the time, “beautiful.” He’s embarrassed and shakes his head. “No, Faith, Faith, I meant you’re Faith.”

She laughs. “Hi Danny, and thanks for the flowers.”

“Flowers??? I didn’t bring any…” Danny says nervously then he realizes: “Oh, the compliment.”

They start walking.

Danny turns to Robin and whispers: “Should I’ve brought flowers?”

Robin shakes his head and mimes the word ‘no’ with his lips.

Danny: “So, how are you guys?”

“Five by five.”

“What?” Danny asks confused.

“She means she’s fine” Robin explains.

“So you’re an interpreter?” Faith asks in a teasing voice.

Danny: “I figured, since I speak English. Ich spreche deutsch, además halbo español et je parle français.“

Robin: “Impressive.”

“Do you two speak any German?”

“You mean besides ‘Gesundheit’?” Robin asks.

Faith: “My grandma was from Germany. She taught me some when I was young. So I can understand a bit but can’t say a word anymore.”

“Well, then that’s what I’m here for. I’ll now take you to our place where you can get some rest. We’ll start early tomorrow.”

The next morning at the new headquarters

Rave, a hot teenage girl, is sitting on the sofa hacking on her laptop.

Rave: “So this is briefing number one.”

Voice: “They’ll be here soon.”

The door opens and Danny enters.

“Here we go, come in.”

Faith and Robin enter.

Robin: “Faith, this is Frank van Anchor. He is…”

Finally the character behind the desk is visible. He’s an older man, he wears old fashioned clothes and has a scar from his left eye down the cheek. Apart from the scar he looks quite likeable.

Anchor interrupts: “I was… friends with Bernard Crowley.”

Danny sits down at the table near the window. Faith and Robin prefer to stand.

Robin explains: “The watcher who raised me after my mother’s death.”

Anchor: “We both resigned from the Watchers’ Council, after that incident. He cared for the child and I tried to keep danger away from potential slayers and I was with him when he died. Meanwhile I’m too old to fight myself. So I watch slayer activity in Europe, as far as I can… Daniel and Rave help me with that.”

Rave: “We call him Core, because of his name and because he’s the brains and the heart of our ‘organization’.”

Faith turns to Rave.

“And you are?”

Rave: “I am Raphaela, but everyone calls me Rave. I do all the online research and computer stuff.”

“She is a miracle,” Core says charmingly.

Rave smiles.

“So this is your organization?” Faith asks, “3 people?” She leans against the bookshelf.

“We were waiting for a slayer in this region to support. But now we have three of them and none of them will cooperate,” Core explains.

Faith: “Why didn’t you explain to them who they are and why they were called?”

Danny: “We did. They don’t listen to us, they do what they want.”

“Well, then get me to them. I’ll get their heads straight,” Faith says. “How can we find them?”

“Well, for some reason I have an idea where they’re going to be next,” Rave claims.

Robin: “Hm?”

Rave: “Danny, bring Faith nachher zum Güterbahnhof. Eine Ladung brandneuer BMW wird da später verladen.“

Subtitle: Danny, take Faith to the freight trains. They’re going to entrain a load of brand new Beamers later.

Danny: “Alles klar.”

Subtitle: “Alright.”

Rave closes her laptop, takes it and leaves the room.

Rave: “Gotta go. I’ll catch you guys later and… good luck.”

The door closes and Robin sits down.

“Now, what do we know about these slayers?” Robin asks.

At the freight station.

Faith and Danny arrive. They leave the car at a small parking lot and follow the fence.

“If I wanted to get to the cars the fastest way I’d enter the fence over there,” Danny says and points his finger in the direction of an old gate.

“How do you know they’re here?” Faith asks.

“Rave knows. She knows a lot.”

“Looks like.”

They reach the gate. It’s open and the lock and the chain are torn to pieces.

Faith looks at the chain: “Ok, let’s get it on.”

They walk around a corner and find a guard lying on the ground. Danny examines him.

“Unconscious,” Danny says.

“Enough! Where are they? Let’s make this quick,” Faith says angrily.

They hear noise. Faith starts to run towards it.

“Stay back, D.,” she says.

She climbs on a train and runs a little more.

Between the cars

Three young chicks pull a beamer off a train. Two blondes and a brunette, they’re all athletic and wear different styles of clothing. Four people of the station personnel are sitting bound and gagged in a corner. The girls are arguing.

Brunette chick: “Klasse Idee, Alena… Kannst du mir mal verraten, warum du glaubst, dass wir mit diesen Proll-Karren nicht auffallen?”

Subtitle: Great idea, Alena… Could you tell me why you think we don’t draw attention with these poser wheels?

Blonde chick #1 (Alena): “Spielt doch keine Rolle. Wenn uns jemand anhält werden wir schon damit fertig.“

Subtitle: Doesn’t matter. When someone stops us we will handle it.

Brunette chick: “Was sagst du dazu Lydia?”

Subtitle: What do you say Lydia?

Blonde chick #2 (Lydia): “Zuerst fand ich’s gut, aber mittlerweile…”

Subtitle: At first I liked it, but meanwhile…

Alena: “Hört auf zu meckern und macht weiter.”

Subtitle: Stop bitching and keep going.

Faith is standing on top of a train car watching the whole scene. Danny comes closer and looks for a place to hide and watch.

Faith: “Oh, look, it’s the Charmed sisters.”

Alena: “Was?”

Subtitle: What?

They stop pulling the cars and turn their heads towards Faith.

Brunette chick: “Who are you?”

“That depends on you,” Faith says, “I can be your friend, your teacher, the answer to all your questions. But I can also be the one who beats you up and drags your asses into prison.”

“Who do you think you are?” Lydia asks in a sharp tone.

“We don’t have to fight. All I want is that you listen to me.”

“And what could you possibly tell us?” Alena asks.

“What you’re doing is wrong,” Faith claims, then she whispers to herself “God, I sound like Buffy.”

Lydia: “So? Try to stop us…”

“I can tell you who you are, where your power comes from, what your destiny is.”

Brunette chick: “Nice, really. Will you stop talking soon?”

Faith: “Listen! In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”

Alena: “Boring!”

Faith: “You are chosen. Chosen to fight against evil. Not to cause destruction and pain.”

Alena: “Oh, well, if that’s the case it changes just about NOTHING! Do you really think we give a damn about what you’re saying?”

“You know what?” Faith says and her tone changes. “People used to tell me the exact same things when I was living through your phase. Didn’t care for it at all, only for some serious ass kicking.” She jumps off the car. “Maybe that’s a language that you understand better.”

Brunette chick: “Good, I thought you’d never stop talking.”

Alena: “Sie gehört ganz dir, Christina.”

Subtitle: She’s all yours, Christina.

The brunette chick (Christina) smiles and goes to attack Faith. The other two girls wait at the beamers.

“Show me what you’ve got,” Faith says.

Christina attacks Faith with a punch to the face. Faith tries to dodge it, but fails. She stumbles. The others cheer for Christina. Faith feels the inner side of her cheek with her tongue.

“Nice one,” she says, “I bet you can’t do that again.”

Christina launches a quick attack of punches and kicks. Faith blocks them but can’t hit a counter-attack. She ducks at one punch and Christina hits a train. Christina then hits Faith with a jump kick that hurts pretty badly. Faith gasps.

Faith: “Not bad, not bad. May I now?”

Faith starts with two punches that Christina easily blocks, and then Faith does a high kick and a spin low kick that forces Christina on the ground. Christina jumps up but once she stands another one of Faith’s kicks pushes her hard against a wall. One last spinning punch hits Christina’s head. The head bumps into a wall and Christina is done for the moment.

“Tina!” Alena screams and jumps in to attack Faith. She’s a way better fighter than Christina and Faith is having real trouble to block her hits and counter-attack her. She takes 2, 3, 4 punches, then she hits the ground.

“I’ll teach you a lesson,” Alena shouts.

Lydia grabs Christina and puts her in the backseat of a beamer, then she runs to join Alena in the fight.

Faith gets up again. She’s hurt, but tough and still standing. She breathes for more power and then goes to attack Alena. Alena takes some punches until Lydia kicks Faith in the back and forces her to retreat. Then they go 2 on 1 on her. Faith can’t block all the punches and kicks and can hardly bring on one of hers. Just at the moment when it looks really, really bad for her something pulls Alena back and tosses her through the air. It is Vi who’s now standing next to puzzled Lydia.

“Was zur Hölle?” Lydia says.

Subtitle: What the hell?

She sees Vi. Faith hits her with a kick that tosses her against the beamer where Christina is still lying in the backseat.

“Glad to see me?” Vi asks.

“About time you came,” Faith replies. “Thought I’d have the fun all for myself.”

Alena is back up again and goes now for Vi. Faith and Vi double-team her. Alena has hardly any chance but somehow manages to hit Faith’s face with one of her kicks which hits Faith to the ground pretty hard.

Rave arrives. She runs to the fight scene. Danny comes out of his hiding-place and shouts after her: “Rave, nein!!!”

Rave doesn’t care, she keeps running. Lydia is standing next to the car and hears Danny shout. She looks and sees Rave.


She turns to Alena

“Alena, wir müssen weg. Meine Schwester ist hier!” Lydia shouts and jumps in the car.

Subtitle: Alena, we have to go. My sister is here.

She starts the engine. Alena runs away from Vi and jumps in the car. Lydia hits the gas and they escape.

“Lydia!!!” Rave yells. Their eyes meet for a last time, before the car drives away.

Vi helps Faith to stand up. Faith has a wound on her forehead and a few bruises.

Vi: “Are you alright?”

“Peachy,” Faith answers with a cough.

Danny arrives. He’s standing next to Rave. Faith walks a few steps to sit down at a small stairway. Vi goes to untie one of the bound workers. Danny follows her.

“Hey, my name’s Danny.”

“I’m Vi.”

Faith takes a deep breath, then she looks at Rave and says:

“Why did she call you her sister?”

Vi and Danny turn their heads towards Faith and Rave.

… to be continued …