Faith 1.02 The Dawning

Previously on Faith the Vampire Hunter:

A vampire turns to dust.

Faith: “Watch out creatures of the night. Things are going to change.”


Phone voice: “We have a problem. We need your help.”

Robin: “My help? About what?”

Phone Voice: “Faith.”

Robin: “Who is this?”


Faith: “Miami. Summer, sunshine, beach.”

Andrew: “Faith? Faith is that you?”

She turns around and sees Andrew.

Faith: “Andrew?”


Faith: “How did you find me? What do you want?”

Robin: “I want you Faith. They need your help.”

Faith: “They?”

Robin: “In Europe. There is a small group of girls with Slayer powers. They’re on the wrong path, Faith. Only you can stop them.”

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Next to the boat house

“I just came back from Europe. Haven’t been here for longer than a few weeks. And anyway there are so many other slayers, why don’t you ask them for help? Or if you need someone skilled, go get Buffy,” Faith says angrily.

“We need you Faith. This is about you. You’ve been there; you know what it feels like. You know this is your job,” Robin returns.

“I don’t… I mean I… This is…” Faith can’t think of anything to disagree. “Hell, it sucks to be one of the good guys,” she says in a convinced way.

“Yep, but we always win,” Andrew says and smiles.

Faith: “So, tell me about it.”

Robin: “Not here, let’s go somewhere else.”

They leave.

Meanwhile in Europe (early morning)

A young man is sitting at a table and reading the newspaper. There’s an old fashioned sofa unit and a bookshelf full of books, Giles like. There’s a little coffee table next to the sofa and a heavy old desk in one of the corners.

“They struck again. What are we gonna do?” the young man asks.

“Nothing. There’s nothing we can do,” says a voice from behind the desk. It is the same voice from the phone call. “We will observe and wait till help will arrive.”

“You want us to just sit and do nothing? They’re out of control! Imagine what they will do when the police get them.” The young man stands up.

“Slayers can never be controlled. They need advice, training and research. Support, that’s what watchers do. They never control.”

The young man walks to the window and looks outside.

“You’re not a watcher anymore.”

“No, I am not. But that doesn’t change the fact that you cannot control a slayer.”

He turns around and shouts: “But we’re still doing nothing!”

“That is not true. We observe and we collect information until she arrives,” says the man behind the desk calmly. He remains unseen.

The young man walks nervously around.

“How can we trust her? From all I’ve heard she used to be a hurricane of evil deeds, not to forget that she killed humans.”

“And she found her way back. She knows where she belongs and what she fights for.”

“Who says she isn’t going back?! Who says she won’t join them and we have one more slayer to worry about?!” He slams the newspaper on the desk. “I mean, how can we possibly trust her?”

“You need to have faith, Daniel,” says the voice from behind the desk.

Daniel turns to the door and says: ”Have faith? That’s exactly what I’m worrying about.” Then he leaves the room.

At a night café in Miami

Robin, Faith and Andrew are sitting at a table. A waitress gets Robin a cup of coffee.

Waitress: “Can I get you something else?”

Robin: “No thanks. We’re fine.”

The waitress walks away. “Tell me when you need a refill, ok?”

Faith: “Now, tell me about it.”

Andrew begins to play with the salt and pepper pots at the table.

Faith: “Tell me what you know, what you need me for.”

“There seems to be a group of girls who suddenly found themselves with new powers,” Robin explains.

“After Willow’s spell,” Andrew adds.

“Exactly. Now, since there is no watchers’ council anymore no one was able to find them in time to explain to them that they are slayers and they are chosen to fight the forces of evil.”

Faith: “So?”

Robin: “So they figured it would be a great idea to use their new powers to live their live the easy way. They’re causing mayhem, taking what they want, robbing banks, hurting people and god knows what they’ll do next.”

Andrew: “Make Buffy invisible.”

Faith and Robin look puzzled at Andrew with big question marks in their eyes.

“That’s what WE did, when we were super villains,” Andrew explains.

“Have they killed anybody yet?”

“As far as I know they haven’t. But I think it’s really just a matter of time,” Robin answers.

“About how many slayers are we talking?”

“There’re three of them.”

“What? You want me to go one on three?” Faith says scornfully “Hey, I’m pretty good and they might not have much experience in fighting, but they’re not vamps. They are slayers and for all I know they’re as strong as I am. How am I supposed to do that?”

“You’re right, maybe we should call for some support,” Robin replies.

“You better!”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“How ‘bout Vi? We got along pretty well in Italy and I know she’s not bound with the others at the moment. She’s in Edinburgh to smoke out the hideout of some creepy medieval vampire order,” Faith suggests.

Robin: “Alright, I’ll try to contact her.”

Andrew: “You still haven’t told us where we’re going to go.”

Robin: “Germany.”

Andrew: “Woohoo! Germany, home of chocolate, bratwurst and beer.”

Robin: “Munich to be precisely.”

Andrew: “Munich? I love the Oktoberfest. I’ve always wanted to go there. Half-naked party girls who easily get a crush on cool guys like me. And the best thing is: I already reached the legal drinking age there. … But wait. It’s May, and Oktoberfest is in September… Why do they call it October-fest anyway when it’s already in September? Why don’t they call it Septemberfest?”

Robin shakes his head: “You’re unbelievable…”

Faith: “Forget it! You ain’t coming!”


Faith: “No! No way I’m taking a pain in the ass like you with me.”

“Do you always have to be like this? Like you don’t care a bit for what I feel.”

“No. Nerds. In. Munich! Got me?”

“Alright, I understood,” Andrew says.

“Why don’t you go back to Orlando, tell Willow you’re sorry and watch a Star Trek marathon. How does that sound? She won’t be mad at you anymore,” Faith says gently.

“Ok…” Andrew answers and plays with the peppershaker again.

“Thanks. Now, where were we?”

Robin: “Munich.”

Faith: “Right. Who informed you?”

“You will see. Let’s just say he’s an old friend of mine.”

Suddenly Andrew pops the peppershaker open and the pepper messes up all of the table, Robin’s coffee and Faith’s hair.


Robin: “Andrew!!! Would you PLEASE wait outside?!”

“I’m sorry.”

Faith: “Please!”

Andrew leaves the café. The waitress arrives to clean up the mess.

Outside the café

Andrew sits down at the sidewalk and starts talking to himself.

“Man, I screwed up again. I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose or so. But they’re always treating me like someone stupid. I’m trying so hard and they don’t really want to be friends with me. Hello? I changed, I’m not a villain anymore. I fought with them side by side and still they don’t really accept me.”

He takes a deep breath.

“I miss Jonathan…”

All of a sudden a hand from behind grabs him and pulls him into a dark place between the night café and a neighboring house. Andrew finds himself and a girl threatened by two vampires. There is no way for them to escape.

“What are they?” the girl whimpers.

“Vampires. Don’t worry I’ve fought them before,” Andrew returns with a trembling voice. “All I have to do is put a wooden stake through their hearts.”

He grabs something wooden and pointy. But one of the vampires knocks it out of his hand.

“Oh, oh…” Andrew gets afraid and starts to yell: “FAITH!”

Inside the café

Faith: “So we’re gonna leave the day after tomorrow then?”

Andrews silent voice from the outside: “---faith---“

Robin: “Fine with me. The day after tomorrow. I’ll make the flight arrangements.”

“Did you hear that?” Faith asks.


Andrews voice: “FAITH!”

“Oh my… What’s he doing now?” She gets up and walks outside.

Robin puts some money on the table and follows her.

Outside the café

Andrew tries to fight the vampires off with whatever he finds. The girl is so scared, she can’t move. Andrew defends her.


Vampire #1: “Shut up and I’ll make it quick.”

The girl sobs annoyingly.

“How do you always manage to get into these situations?” Faith asks from behind.

The vampires turn around.

“Don’t you even try,” Faith says.

Vampire #2:”Who do you think you are? A slayer?”

Faith: “I’m not A slayer. I’m THE slayer. I’m the original one, the one chosen by the bloodline. The one born into every generation. So show some respect, will you?”

Vampire #2: “I already killed a slayer last week. They’re pretty tasty and they seem to spring up like mushrooms.”

“So that’s what happened to the Miami based slayer. Well, that kinda calls for revenge, doesn’t it? It’s not your lucky day.”

“Shut up and fight, Bitch!” shouts the first vampire.

Robin arrives but Faith signals him to stay back: “I need that little bit of fun right now. Besides, it just got personal.”

Faith pulls out a stake and goes for the vampires. They attack her simultaneously. It’s a hard fight and the vampires seem to prevail. Andrew tells the girl to run off, and so she does. Andrew hides behind Robin. Faith struggles pretty heavy, her stake falls to the ground. Robin wants to jump in to help her but Andrew holds him back and tells him to wait.

Faith bumps her head against one vampire’s face and is now able to give him a chest kick that pushes him away very hard. Now she has some air. She takes the slayer killing vampire grabs his head and breaks his neck. Then she turns the head a little more to decapitate him. He falls to dust.

Faith brushes off the dust and turns to vampire #1: “See? That’s what happens to anyone who ever lays hand on a slayer.” Then she does an acrobatic foot trick that throws her stake up in the air. She catches it and throws it directly through the vampire.

Once the dust is gone Faith turns to Robin and Andrew. She smiles.

“I see you really like your job,” Robin says.

She smiles a little more: “You know, being a slayer is actually pretty cool. Especially when you’re good at it.”

Andrew: “Thanks for saving my life. You know I was about to do exactly the same as you did with those two vampires, but you just happened to be a little faster.”

Robin laughs.

Faith: “I know Andrew.” She winks. “Andrew, would you please get my stake, thanks.”

Robin: “So then, the day after tomorrow.”

Faith: “The day after tomorrow. Would you do me a favor? Could you take Andrew to his hotel please? I think he had enough action for a single night.”


“Here’s your stake, Faith.”

“Thank you. Robin will take you to your hotel and I expect you to leave for Orlando tomorrow or so. I’ll go to Munich with Robin.”

“Alright, Faith. I’ll tell the others your best wishes. Good night, Faith, and see you.”

“See you.”

Robin:” Good night, Faith.”

Robin and Andrew turn away and start walking.

Faith: “Hey Robin. I have a small room at a housing about 5 blocks from here. If you wanna come by when you’re finished…”

“I’ll think about it…”

Andrew and Robin walk away. Faith smiles, turns and walks home.

… to be continued …