Faith 1.01 New Grounds

A girl is running down a dark backstreet. She turns left at a corner. Two shadows are following her slowly. She runs around another corner and finds herself trapped in a dead end. The shadows come closer. She tries to hide behind some trash in a corner. Two guys with nail bats come around the corner.

“Where did she go?”

A whining sound comes from the corner.

“There, in the corner.”

One of the guys hits some trash away. The girl sits crying in the corner, her hands cover her face.

“What do you want from me?” she sobs.

“Oh, poor little girl. What do you think? First we’re gonna rob you, then we can probably think of something else to do with such a pretty girl. Ha ha.”

The other guy smiles. She stands up and we see her face. She’s a vampire.


One of the guys swings his bat in her direction. She stops it with the left hand and knocks it in his face. He falls to the ground, then she grabs the other guy and drinks from him.

Faith is leaning on a wall in the backstreet.

“Well, well. What do you know? Innovative hunting tactics, seems like life got a little harder for all you blood suckers.”

The girl throws the body away.

“Who are you?”

“Who am I?” Faith replies, “I am Faith. Seems like all the world knows Buffy, what she looks like and that she is the slayer. And nobody …”

“Ah, well, who gives a damn. You’re going to be my next meal.”

She attacks Faith. Faith puts her head to the wall with a single counter hit. She pulls out a stake and dust is everywhere.

“Vamps… Watch out creatures of the night. Things are going to change.”

She turns around and walks away.

Credits and theme

At a beach

Faith is sitting on a small wall that separates the beach from a walkway through palms. The sun shines and people are passing by doing sports, having ice cream or just talking.

“Miami. Summer, sunshine, beach. That’s all a girl needs. That and a little action when it’s dark.”

She smiles.

“Faith? Faith is that you?”

She turns around and sees Andrew.

“Andrew? Why of all the people I know is it you nerd who tracks me down?”

“Willow kicked me out of her apartment in Orlando because I was playing Star Wars with some of her witchcraft voodoo doll things. And then I felt I better get out before she gets really mad at me again turns all dark hair and tries to rip my skin off…”

“I thought Willow was now all white magic.”

“She is, but I thought… Well, since I’m not one of her closest friends, and I used to be a super villain and…”

“But why Miami? I mean, Orlando, Miami, same state but …?”

“First I went to Disney Land but I got all scared of the pirates and then I learned about that big comic book event here in Miami so I came here to get myself some autographs. And now, now I met you. What are you doing here anyway?”

They start walking.

“Well after the last time we saved the world, you know, the west coast became kinda boring so I did some training for the new slayers in Italy and saw some really strange things. But after a while I felt it was time to look for somewhere else to have some fun again. Bingo, Miami.”

“Are there evil things here too?”

“A vampire here and there, you know.”

“So can I hang out with you, I mean before it’s all dark and scary and vampires try to drink my blood and…”

“Screw you. What do I need a geek on my side for?”

“I mean I could like cheer for you when you go and hunt vampires.” Andrew starts dancing “Like: Go Faith, go Faiaith, go, go, Faith!”

“Oh shut up.”


In an office in NY

The phone rings. Robin Wood picks up.


“I’d like to speak to Robin Wood, please,” said a voice with foreign accent.


“We have a problem. We need your help.”

“My help? About what?”


“Who is this?” Robin asks and lowers his voice.

At Miami airport

Robin leaves the plane. He carries a newspaper. One of the articles says: Back Alley Robbers found dead covered in dust. He walks down some stairs and leaves the airport. Right before he enters a taxi he says:

“Where are you, girl. Where can I find you?”

At a student party

Faith is dancing and enjoying herself while Andrew tries to watch out for some vampire activity.

“Hey Faith, I think I saw something. A mysterious boy and a girl just went upstairs and locked the door behind them.”

“They’re probably having sex up there. I mean haven’t you ever…” She looks at the Wonderwoman t-shirt from the comic book event that he wears. “Forget the question. Keep your eyes open.”

She turns around and starts dancing again. Andrew walks to the balcony and talks to himself.

“They’re probably having sex up there. Great Andrew, you’re a genius. You have friends that don’t really like you and you’re neither good in being a bad guy nor a good guy. And they think they’re all so great with their super powers and cool abilities and fighting stunts and…”

A girl screams. Andrew looks down to a boat house where two men pull two girls inside. He runs to Faith.

In the boat house

A group of 5 vampires keeps pushing the two girls around. Two bodies are lying in the back.

“There you go guys. Midnight snacks.”

“Yummy, let me have’em.”

“You had the last one, this one is mine.”

The door pops open and Faith enters.

“Boys, boys, learn to share. And stop playing with the food.”

She rolls her eyes and puts her hands to her waist.

“Get her!” one vampire shouts.

Two vampires attack her. She knocks them out and the girls run away. Two of the others start attacking her. She fights them off and dusts one of them. One vampire at the door gets up and sees two of his friends fall to dust. Andrew enters and gets pushed aside from the vampire at the door who runs away. Faith hits the remaining vampire with a few more spin kicks until she finally stakes him.

“Nice action,” Andrew says, “but one of them ran away.”

“Let’s go get him,” Faith replies.

Both walk out the door as they see the vampire turning to dust in the distance. They see Robin holding a stake. He puts it away and comes to them. Andrew is puzzled.

“Principal Wood?”

“How did you find me?” Faith asks.

“You’re a hell of a woman. You’re not hard to find,” he answers.

“What? ... What do you want?”

“I want you Faith. They need your help.”


“In Europe. There is a small group of girls, or young women, with Slayer powers.”

“Yeah, Willow brought them to every part of this planet, I guess.”

“They’re on the wrong path, Faith. You know how this feels. We need you. Only you can stop them.”

… to be continued …